Hello, this is where we’ll collectively organize and keep track of the campaign we started way back in ‘08. Yeah…it’s been that long.

Synopsis: There has been a widespread and organized incursion in the Republic of Kalifaa. While through the efforts of our Party (and others)this incursion has been mostly defeated, many questions and potential dangers remain. There appears to be a possible connection to Kalifaa’s rival, Kunac, and now our group has been tasked to travel to Kunac and find answers.

Thus far we have made our way over land and sea, through a pirate attack and corrupt officials to Buecopolis, the capital of the Republic of Kunac. There, we did indeed find answers, but even more questions. With aid from two new allies, we have escaped the country, and have successfully managed to relay the vital information to our leaders in Kalifaa. Now, isolated in northern Ashland, and pursued by an implacable enemy, we consider our next step. The story begins here.

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Anatan Empire
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Riverhills “Meta”
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Terran's Ponderous Campaign

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