Republic of Kalifaa

Img 6871Kalifaa is a relatively new nation having been founded less than three hundred years ago. Though abundant in fertile land and in natural bounty, the region had long been bypassed due to its topography. Once the truth of the interior was discovered, the land was quickly settled, and shortly thereafter, the Republic was declared.

Kalifaa has been a wealthy nation almost since it’s foundation. The natural resources of lumber and farmland are the “bread & butter” of Kalifaa’s economy, but the opening of Aurelian Bay to trade had an immediate affect on trade in the entire eastern Mercuria. Shortening voyages, offering an alternative port, making the bypassing of certain other ports (especially Buecopolis) plausible and so on. This earned the immediate enmity of Kunac, which was the nation most affected. The Great Western War provided another boom, as Kalifaa was engaged in shipping supplies and troops to the west, and all sorts of travelers; migrants, fortune-seekers, mercenaries and so on passed through her borders heading to, or away from the west.

If agriculture and logging are the “bread & butter”, and trade the “centerpiece”, then the discovery of gold in the Sawbacks is the “crown jewel” of Kalifaas economy. The benefits of this discovery are innumerable and varied.

Kalifaa is allied with Argento to the east, and Ashland to the north. Relations with Krelm in the south are usually warmly neutral, to friendly, though no formal alliance exists. The fractured political situation in Saamlald is a source of constant irritation in the nort-east of Kalifaa. While not a serious military threat, there is a constant trickle of bandits, terrible creatures, and roving bands spilling over the border.

Kalifaa’s military consists of two branches; the Army and the Navy.
The Army is relatively small. With allies or friendlies to the north, east and south, and the sea to the west, there is little chance of invasion. Kalifaa maintains a number of permanent regiments manned with a mixture of professional soldiers, and conscripts fulfilling their one-year service obligation. In an emergency, there are provisions for conscription from the populace as a whole. The Army is commanded by the Marshall of Kalifaa, who reports directly to the Duke.
The Navy is the premier service in Kalifaa. With sea-trade being such a large factor in Kalifaa’s economy, control of the shipping lanes is of paramount importance. The Navy is both large and experienced, with a variety of vessels filling a number of roles. In descending order, The Navy is divided into; the Grand Fleet (the entire naval force), and the Northern Fleet and the Southern Fleet. These two are then sub-divided into various Squadrons fulfilling a variety of tasks. The High Admiral commands the Fleet and reports to the Duke.

Republic of Kalifaa

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