Magic in the Game World

*As mentioned elsewhere, magic in this setting is rather rare. The level of magic varies, but those folks who come by the ability naturally are uncommon, thus, high-level magic will be even less common still.

For an idea of how rare/common, I’ll borrow yet another metaphor from Shamus Young. Whoops, no, it turns out I was paraphrasing Justin Alexander Think of it as being as rare as professional athletes or television/film stars. The public is certainly aware of them, it’s possible to “run across” such a person, but doing so would be unusual enough to be a noteworthy event.

*Over on his site there is a great article about how the rules in D&D are more accurate than one might think. The excerpt relevant to this page is:

“So what have we learned so far? Almost everyone you have ever met is a 1st level character. The few exceptional people you’ve met are probably 2nd or 3rd level – they’re canny and experienced and can accomplish things that others find difficult or impossible.

If you know someone who’s 4th level, then you’re privileged to know one of the most talented people around: They’re a professional sports player. Or a brain surgeon. Or a rocket scientist.

If you know someone who’s 5th level, then you have the honor of knowing someone that will probably be written about in history books. Walter Payton. Michael Jordan. Albert Einstein. Isaac Newton. Miyamoto Musashi. William Shakespeare.

So when your D&D character hits 6th level, it means they’re literally superhuman: They are capable of achieving things that no human being has ever been capable of achieving. They have transcended the mortal plane and become a mythic hero."

Magic in the Game World

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