Intel_Or_What We Know

Sometime in the week or so previous to the month of Sunwane, several incursions began along nearly the entire coast of Kalifaa. These incursions were conducted in secret, and at some length (at least a week before discovery) before they took any actions. At first the only actions taken were to seize a few small port towns, and to cut or hinder communications with larger settlements.

Fortunately, ill discipline amongst the forces resulted in their early discovery in many locations. Quick actions taken up and down the coast resulted in the repulsing of almost all the incursions before they achieved their initial goals.

Information gleaned from documents, maps, and interrogations suggest that These operations were on a shared time-table and were expecting, at the least an influx of reinforcements. “Further,that documents and interrogation suggested they were waiting for something, probably reinforcements at the very least.”

Though the hostile forces were comprised of mercenaries, here and there a few tenuous ties to Kunac were found or suggested. For instance a leader of a group was found to be, or have once been an officer in Kunacs Army.

They were all concentrated on locations including ports or harbors, with a few vital hubs (like Riverhills) linked inland.

By the time we left Pecs, a few of the incursions to the south, still had not been put down.

At Buecopolis we learned that there has been, over the span of about a year, a serious build-up of forces. Mainly this has taken the form of a LOT of mercenaries being hired, and a very rapid expansion of the Navy. The consensus amongst the population seems to be that this goes beyond what could normally be expected of the nations budget. Many wonder where the money is coming from.
Recently however, the mercenaries had stopped being paid (corroborating our own experience)and trouble had resulted. There has been much unrest and confusion.
Simultaneously, several officials have gone missing, including (very shortly before our arrival) the Duchess herself.
Moving about the city we encountered one merc controlled area which seemed much more orderly than the others. Another oddity about it was its proximity to the Ducal Palace and a main Army barracks. Later events also made us take note that the Prospolan Consulate was nearby as well. Despite this, the mercenaries in this area were unmolested by the Army or Constabulary.
During a particularly bad storm on the night of the 15th, an uprising began amongst the mercenaries. It seems as if they were attempting to sack the city. Several events transpired which make us thing this was a staged or, at least “encouraged” event. One incident in particular stands out. At one point our party was passed by a group of soldiers. Amongst their number was a man we had just seen an hour before being led away as a “prisoner”. At that time he was dressed as a mercenary, but now he was in the uniform of the Palace Garrison. During this event, Theodoric realized that he recognized this man from his days in the Prospolan Army. This individual had always struck him as a staunch and opinionated Anat patriot.

During the attack, High Constable Harkness was killed. It would appear that this was not a random killing, but a diabolical (literally) murder. Shortly after, we learned that foreigners, especially Kalifaans were being arrested, and, in some cases executed. With help, we were able to escape the city. However, it soon became apparent that we were being hunted. Eventually a man we believe to be some sort of bounty-hunter cornered us with his party. We survived that fight only through the intervention of a group of minotaur friendlies. A few days before, we had rescued an adolescent from a mercenary band, and he was eager to assist us.

On our way to the minotaurs winter home, we found a dead courier (thrown my his horse). A search revealed two sets of documents, regarding our party in particular. One was aimed at capturing us inside Kunac, while the other seems meant to discredit us in Kalifaa. Several of the party members were directly named in these documents.

With help, we have passed out of Kunac, and are now in northern Ashland. During this time, Katherys discovered a hidden ID/pass and a secret message in the belongings of the dead courier we’d earlier discovered. This identified the courier as actually being an agent of Prospolis (Anatan Empire) and the message he was carrying seemed to indicate (per our best interpretation) a successful mission in Kunac, and a failed one in Kalifaa. This cements our suspicions of a Prospolan Connection. Though we’re still uncertain if this is an “official” connection, or something else. We have managed to use a carrier-pigeon service to send a message to Nael’s family in Caldera City, and have it relayed to the Duke in Pecs. In the course of this, we’ve heard rumors, and found evidence indicating that the bounty hunter has enlarged his force, and is still pursuing us.

Note: On several occasions now, both in Kalifaa and in Buecopolis, a small winged & tailed creature has been spotted. What it’s significance is, or whether it’s following us (or is even the same one)we don’t know.

Intel_Or_What We Know

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