House Rules

Here will be listed the idiosyncrasies of our particular campaign/setting, etc.
Things like optional Feats or classes can be found here.

Rangers & Druids

Rolls must be “clean” in order to be valid. A clean roll is one in which there is no bumping of objects, stopping against an obstacle, rolling from a taller surface to a lower one(for instance off a book to a table surface), and so on, essentially no interaction other than between the die(ce) and a flat surface. A “rolling tray” is available for those who want it. This rule applies chiefly to attacks, skill checks & DC rolls (basically the d20 rolls). Rolling for, say, multi-die damage is much less stringent.

In this setting, death is permanent.

In this setting, Alignment works on the principles laid out in the “Heroes of Horror” (Eberron setting) supplement on pg. 76, “Optional Rule: Behavioral Alignment”.
Essentially this means that Alignment comes more from what one does, rather than some inborn, uncontrollable trait. Example: Detect Evil would detect intention, not inherent nature.
*(I will be posting links, and/or a transcription of the passage at a later date. This will affect some spells a bit, but for the present we can deal with that on a case-by-case basis.)

As in the Pathfinder system, we will now gain Feats every other level. The progression will run thus: Lvl.1-1st Feat, Lvl.3-2nd Feat, and so on.

House Rules

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