Calendar (In Game)

After MUCH research and thought put into choosing/devising a calendar for my campaign, I’ve come up with this:

Just change the names of the months.

In order to keep it recognizable and for simplicity, essentially that’s all I’ve done.

So here it is:

Yeardawn 31 days (January)

Highwinter 28 1/4 days (February)

Lastfrost 31 days (March)

Rainbreak 30 days (April)

Newbloom 31 days (May)

Greentide 30 days (June)

Suncrest 31 days (July)

Summerend 31 days (August)

Lands Blessing* 30 days (* I might change this one.) (September)

Harvest 31days (October)

Sunwane 30 days (November)

Wintertide 31 days (December)

(For the most part, this calendar is lifted directly from Shamus Young’s in-game calendar here…)

Calendar (In Game)

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