Vindle VonBindle

Gnome, Lvl.5- Rogue 1 Groomsman* 4. (* Homebrew Class) Vindle was created by Kyle.


Normally he cares for the animals and the camp.

Information gleaned from an overheard conversation which may, or may not shed some light on Vindle’s origins:
We stumble into a tavern in Kingdom X and who’s that working the bar? Why it’s Vindles old chum from the University (before Vindle dropped out/was expelled)!
That should be (before Vindle dropped out/was expelled/set it on fire)
To be fair though, it’s not like he believed the scroll would actually work
And who, in these modern times, with water-driven wheels, and cement, could reasonably expect and ACTUAL dragon, to actually show up?!

Vindle VonBindle

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