Nael Simmerhorn

Human, Lvl.4 Cleric. Lvl. 1 Ordained Champion (prestige class)


Str 14 Dex 10 Con 16 Int 14 Wis 20 (+2 from item) Cha 12
AC 22
HP 58
Uses a longsword and shield in combat
Fort 9 Ref 2 Will 11
Spot 7 Listen 6


Short version: Nael is from Caldera City, further north in Kalifaa. Nael joined the party later while at sea. He is a cleric of Heironeous, a god of good, order, civilization, nobility, and warfare.

Long Version:
Nael Simmerhorn
Lawful Good Human Male Cleric of Heironeous
Age 40, six feet tall, two hundred pounds.
Salt and pepper hair, grey eyes, tanned skin.

Nael was born to a long-standing military family in Caldera City, in northern Kalifa. In fact, his grandfather, Yeorg Simmerhorn, led Kalifan troops in a great battle on the slopes of the Simmerhorn, a mountain northwest of Caldera City. Yeorg’s origin and initial surname are unknown. Like the mountain where he made a name for himself (both figuratively and literally), Yeorg was even-tempered and slow to anger, but, once infuriated, was terrible in his wrath. Most Simmerhorns, Nael included, have this same temperament.
Nael’s father, Raenor, was a career soldier in the Kalifan army, and is now a banner-general. His mother, Marai, raised him and his three siblings in the home. He has one older sibling, his sister Tersa, who is married to a wealthy mine-owner. His younger brother Serath is a lieutenant in the Kalifan army, serving in the Aurelian Bay region. His youngest sibling, Noela, is still a young girl, on the cusp of adulthood.
When Nael was still a child, he spent less time playing soldier than his father wanted and more time reading or in the local temple of Heironeous. His father respected the god of law and noble warfare, but wished his son was more physical and less wrapped up in the spiritual. Instead of joining the army when he came of age Nael joined the priesthood of Heironeous: not a surprise, but still a slight disappointment to much of his family. He began focusing on the small scholarly, meditative, and medicinal aspects of his profession, and he immensely enjoyed the role.
One day, just a year after he was officiated, he was instructing a small group of students about meditation in the mountains north of Caldera City when a group of bandits struck, seeking to rob and murder the nearly helpless acolytes. Never one to start violence, Nael cooperated at first; surrendering the small items of wealth he had with him. Then one of the bandits, faced with a student who had refused to give up a necklace, struck her across the face with a cudgel, breaking her fragile neck. At the sight of this injustice, the power of Heironeous filled Nael for the first time. He began casting spells quietly, then overpowered one bandit, took the man’s longsword, and slew every last one of the brigands.
Since that moment he has devoted his life to the active service of his god: fighting injustice and upholding chivalrous actions in warfare. Although he’d been offered a clerical deferment from the 1 year military service requirement in Kalifaa, Nael—like most Heironeous clerics—chose to serve for three years in Kalifaan forces trying to clear out the foothills and mountains that ring Kalifaa. This service centered around the north, which he was familiar with and to stop raiders and bandits from “leaking” into Kalifaa from the chaotic country/region of Saamlald.
After this he began a “solo” career of military adventuring. Sometime his has had him fighting alongside the Kalifan army, where he subsequently mastered fighting with a longsword—the favored weapon of Herioneous. Other times he ventures alone, even hiring himself out as a mercenary in order to engage in warfare against what he thinks are unjust or evil forces. His unique powers, granted by Heironeous, make him a prized asset to any armed group, and he alternates between paying mercenary jobs and more vigilante or volunteer endeavors. He has been on this personal crusade against evil and injustice for almost ten years now, and it has taken him all around Kalifa and much of the Mare Mercuria. Nael now enjoys the praise and admiration of his family and most of those in Caldera City who know him.
Nael sees competition, warfare being the highest form of this, as a good thing. War against injustice, evil, oppression, or chaos is the greatest thing a person can do. Evil and chaos cannot be defeated with words or high ideals in his opinion, but with steel and strength of arms. He seeks to continue this fight until he is physically unable to, at which point he hopes to have either enough money or prestige to build a temple-fortress and begin training an order of clerics, fighters, and paladins to uphold justice in the world.
Nael is a vocal man who likes to lead and to help others, especially in combat. He is often shouting encouraging or tactical words to those he fights alongside, or casting spells to help his comrades. In fact, he is sometimes too forward about doling out advice to comrades regarding their actions, capabilities, and futures. Though he has very little formal military training, his experience in combat situations—from skirmishes to actual warfare—has given him an air of soldiery.
Like most humans from Caldera City—which has a large dwarven community—Nael gets along famously with dwarves, who often share his passions for law, order, and martial strength. He is amused by smaller folk (gnomes, halfings), ambivalent about elves, but is impressed with anyone who exerts martial power or proficiency. He loves to battle against chaos, evil, and injustice more than anything in the world, and prefers fighting alongside allies to “lone-wolfing” it. His next greatest desire is for money—the better to buy equipment with and for his goal of founding a martial holy order.
Nael is ambitious, bold, loyal, devoted (to his deity and, less so, to his country), and religious. During down-time he likes to read Flashing Swords and Flashing Visions, a chronicle of the lives of famous followers of Heironeous, or work on his own chronicle of the military history of Kalifa. Recently, Nael seems quite taken with Katherys, the Kunakai deputy who’s helping.

Nael Simmerhorn

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