Hans Ahlone

Dwarf, Lvl.4 Rogue.


Chaotic Good(ish) Dwarven Rogue
Age 200, four feet tall, one hundred and fifty pounds
Black hair, brown eyes, bronze skin

Although Hans may tell people that he hails from Danlund, Kalifaa, or Pruswald, he was actually born in Deva Camp, a small mining community in south-eastern Ashland to a poor family of dwarven miners. Unlike most of his kin, he felt no affinity for mining or other hard work. He was a listless worker who enjoyed spending his pay (or scamming other miners out of theirs) much more than working for it. When he was still a child (by dwarven standards) his parents both died in a mine collapse. After they were buried he never returned to the mine again, and instead of seeking comfort in the admittedly short but welcoming arms of his kin, Hans left Deva Camp and has lived primarily among humans ever since. His kleptomaniacal tendencies must be carefully monitored by the rest of the group. Perhaps more details to come.

Created by Cyrus as a second attempt to play with the adults, now played by Nate.

Hans Ahlone

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