Bern (Ironside) Snorrisson

Dwarf, Lvl.6 Fighter. (Originally created and played by the DM.)


AC: 18, HP: 68, Touch: 12, Flat-Footed: 16, Init: 2

Abilities: STR: 18+4, DEX: 14+2, CON: 16+5*, INT: 13+1, WIS: 12+1, CHA: 11-2

*Racial Modifier= +1

Fort: 9
Ref: 3
Will: 2

Base Attack:5 Grapple:8

Attack: Battle-Axe 3, AB:10, Damage: 1d87 (19-20/x3)

Ranged Attack: Shortbow, AB: +5, Damage: 1d6 (x3)


Friend of Ardadan, Currently resides in Riverhills in the Republic of Kalifaa.

Bern was born to a respectable family under the Sawback Mountains which form the border between Kalifaa and Argento. Life under the mountains, with incursions from Saamlald, gave Bern an early taste of, and for, a good fight.

During and following the Great Western War (60+ years previous.), Kalifaa experienced a prolonged boom-time. During this period, increased opportunities drew many dwarves from their homes under the mountains, further enrichng the cosmopolitan flavour of Kalifaa. Bern was part of this migration. Following work from place to place, he eventually settled in Riverhills in time to have a hand in the construction of the Great Bridge project.

It was upon moving west that Bern first encountered, (and discovered his weakness for) chocolate…

Bern (Ironside) Snorrisson

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