Terran's Ponderous Campaign

Ch.2 Part 4

After some thought on the matter, Captain Ecks has come to a decision regarding the Shrike. He has decided that it’s too risky to continue on to Buecopolis with her. He proposes to put in at Ithac, the Mycaean State nearest to our position. There we will attempt to sell the Shrike and/or make our case to the prize courts (provided a functional one can be found). Accordingly, both the Mare and Shrike turn east, bound for the city of Orosta. We should arrive between 12-18 hours depending on the weather.

After an uneventful 15 hours, we arrive on the coast of Ithac and turn north-east. Instead of lying on the coast, Orosta sits a half-mile or so inland along a river. A few miles from the river mouth, we are intercepted by Ithacs navy. The vessels will escort us up the river.

On arrival, we are informed of the local rules and regulations, including Orosta’s weapons regulations. Unfortunately we are not permitted to carry any weapons larger than a short-sword or a one-handed axe. Projectile weapons are also prohibited. Captain Ecks gives a brief explanation of our circumstances while we await the arrival of the Port Official.

The Customs & Port official, Banice arrives, and we briefly re-tell our story. While speaking with us, the dockside guards escort our prisoners (the rowers of the Shrike) and the crew off the vessels. Once all are removed from the vessels, Banice abruptly informs us that we are being placed under house-arrest while he investigates out claims. He also informs us that he’s impounding both the Mare and Shrike. We are to spend our time confined to an Inn which just happens to be owned by Banice. As we are led away, we notice that the Shrikes rowers are being herded in another direction. To our questions about this, Banice simply tells us they’re no longer our concern, that he’ll take care of them.


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